• Date Published: October 28th, 2016


Before you get started ON mykanta, here are some few things you need to know.

What is Mykanta by the way?

Mykanta is a social commerce platform that allows users and businesses to interact, promote and transact business. It gives users the opportunity to share their experiences and establish a network Connection base that connects them to people and businesses.

How useful is Mykanta?

Mykanta contains information relating to experiences (REEV) about people around the world. With a GIF creation tool, Mykanta allows users to capture and create motion images and inform their followers and connections about it on their home page. REEV is like capturing images in sequence or non-sequence to tell a story about an experience. You can discover and learn about information and news as they happen to people and how they actually affect people. – Once you select your interested Tags, suggested “Reevers” (People sharing their experiences) will be suggested to you to connect to, you can also discover more Reevers while using the platform.

How to Start Using Mykanta


The best way to begin your journey on Mykanta is to connect and follow people based on the interests of your choice, you can also use the search icon to find people you may know, celebrities, news sources or public accounts. Another way to connect to and follow people is by referring to connections of your connections.You can also connect to business pages by subscribing to verified business to get live updates


Using create GIF button, you can capture and share multiple images in GIF format. Create interesting sequence with your images for a cool GIF, then add the experience and title for easy referencing for your followers and connections.

You can also let your voice be heard by sharing your experiences about products and services purchased from businesses on Mykanta platform.

Mykanta on the Go

You can now take Mykanta with you anywhere you go on your mobile device, currently available for android devices, share and receive update from your connections, businesses and many more.

Create and Manage your Business Page

Wants to build relationship with clients within and outside the country? Identify audience needs and wants? Receive orders from clients directly online? Manage stock or services? All come to live for you and your business with Mykanta advance business page. To ensure that only genuine and legit

Reeving, How?

Build your Reev Collection

Capture and share all your experiences in motion pictures (GIF) to tell a story for others to learn from, each experience or Reev shared is kept at your collection tab, saving all your experience memories for life. Go ahead, take a picture or more, and create a GIF with it on Mykanta. Note: the best way to gain more connections or followers is to contribute in a meaningful way. Let the world hear you.

Get interactive

Play, Smile, Comment and share your following's accounts and connections Reevs, be recognised by providing useful and constructive comments and replies.

Explore other features on Mykanta

Available in Mykanta are advanced features that are designed to bring out the best in everything, with a Private messaging system, you can send private messages to your connections and vice versa, you can also send messages or chat with business administrators whenever you visit their business page.

Find verified businesses, products, services and people with Mykanta search feature, with your results arranged in tab view to allow you easily navigate between your search results.

Order and Buy from businesses on Mykanta with the “add to cart” feature. With Mykanta escrow, your payment for products is as secured as possible.

Explore more features like, profile image upload, creating your own business page, subscribing to businesses for live updates, and many more.

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