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Mykanta is a social commerce platform that allows users and businesses to interact, promote and transact business. It gives users the opportunity to share their experiences and establish a network Connection base that connects them to people and businesses.

Our Vision

Humbly Empowering All.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the center for businesses and consumers to freely connect to one another.

Our Objective

We persist to be the permanent Socio-commerce solution in the world. To achieve this we will continuously move with time to achieve sustainability in the long run.

The Power of Mykanta

Mykanta combines two of the major industries in the world, thus; "social media platform"- allows people to connect and interact and an "E-commerce platform"- allows people and businesses to connect, interact and transact.

Reevs and Update
  • Find and connect to people and businesses

  • Share your interesting experiences with people

  • Get updates from people and businesses

Order and Buy
  • Search and find products, services and businesses

  • Share your business or product experiences

  • Order products directly online

Create and Manage
  • Create you unique business pae

  • Manage your products or services

  • Receive Orders from around the world

Mykanta Business Page Deals

Mykanta business page empowers both product and services oriented business to easily connect with their clients, providing businesses with numerious tools and features that strike to change the world of E-commerce.

Non-Commercial Page Verification

Free/ service only

  • Non-profit making organization
  • General Verification logo
  • Training program
  • Income generating activities or program
  • Product Oriented Business

Commercial Page Verification

starting at

GHS 120.00/ Year

  • Local and International Orders
  • Business Page Recommendation to users
  • Business - Business Transactions
  • Trainng Program
  • General Verification Logo

Other Services

Dependent / service type

  • Business or products or services advertisement
  • Product imagery or mykanta product assessment
  • Business page training program
  • Post product assessment
  • HIPI Escrow Account

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